Who is Crasher Soze?

What if everything was cold forever? The Lore Boys have taken a break from worrying about the heat death of the Universe to bring you another episode of hilarity-filled video game lore! Today’s topic: the Crash Bandicoot series. That’s right, everyone’s favorite lizard — ehm, I mean, marsupial — makes his Lore Boys debut, and […]

Diablo Part 2 – The Nick Cannon of Diablo

Lore Boys are back, from Bikini Atoll, with the second installment of the Diablo franchise’s lore. We go full Griswold in the Gay Village and out-debate the devil with a crystal in our forehead. As usual, we’re asking the hard hitting questions, such as: If your parents divorce over whether or not to use you […]

Lore Boys 9 – Deus Ex Macarena

Live from Nunavut, the Lore Boys are here to bring you the 8th grade science fair featuring hyper-advanced alien technology that is Deus Ex and Deus Ex Invisble War.We’ll hit all sorts of topics, including lizards, and what they really are. It’s almost impossible for us to discuss the illuminati and not discuss lizards, apparently. […]