Double Dipping in Space

Lore Boys are back with more great Battletech content. We’re here to learn all about tthe FedCom Civil War! We meet the Queen of Space, and decide she’s probably not important enough to talk about all that much! We’re talking the key players of Battletech, and answering questions like: Do Chaos-April showers bring May flowers? […]

Swedish Chef vs. the Moon Santa

Sometimes you have to wonder how an office-supply store chain relates to a city bent on drinking the blood of alien gods which turns them into paranoid, xenophobic beasts. Well the Lore Boys are here to tell you EXACTLY how. We’re talking Bloodborne lore, and we have all the good tales from Yarnham. We talk […]

Biggie and Blind Guardian Reach the End of Vanilla D

It’s 2018 and we’re bringing planking back! The Lore Boys are here with the (temporary) conclusion to the lore of Bungie’s Destiny. We’re wrapping up Destiny the first as we wait for Destiny 2’s expansions before diving into that. Today’s topics include but are not limited to: the Vex in an FBI van eating donuts […]

LB7 – How to Turn Your Metroid into a SUPER Metroid

This episode of Lore Boys has us talking about the Metroid series! We’ll answer all the difficult questions, like is Kirby a Metroid or is Keanu Reeves a Metroid? Is the word ‘space’ in Space Police redundant? Topics discussed include: the deep-sea origins of the Canadian flag and Child Protective Space Pirates. Please, if you […]

One Weird Trick to Resurrect Your Ganondorf (Links Will HATE This)

This week’s episode of Lore Boys has us talking about The Legend of Zelda and all the wacky things which take place in the land of Hyrule. Ganondorf gets banished about twenty times, and Link never really does manage to do him in for good. We cover all bases, from the primordial ooze more commonly known as God’s Spunk to Pro Tips on how to save the world with nothing more than a fishing rod.

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