Government Liches

Hexen lore! Spooky un-alive capitalists have come to ruin the glorious magic USSR. To join the discussion and suggest a topic, check out our Discord. As always, we super appreciate you listening, and hope that if you enjoy the show you’ll tell your friends and leave us a review on iTunes and the rest our social media […]

A Relatively Normal Death

Lore Boys here with more Magic: the Gathering Lore. We’re driving headlong towards our Halloween theme with an episode about Innistrad, the plane of gothic horrors! Strap in for some werewolves, vampires, ghosts, ghouls, demons and more! This episode is a standalone, but if you want to hear the crossover episode, you can check out […]

KGB Spiking the Water with Commie Juices

Lore Boys here with some particularly silly lore from the Metal Wolf Chaos series by From Software. The gang got together to try and crack into the Japanese gaming market, and boy howdy I gotta say, “Let’s partyyyyyy these great United States of America”. To join the discussion and suggest a topic, check out our […]

How About Some Bloodsport to Cheer You Up?

Lore Boys here with some Apex Legends backstories! We’re revisiting King’s Canyon, and visiting for the first time World’s Edge and Olympus. Grab your timepiece and a bungee cable, and try not to get knocked! If you like this episode, consider checking out these past episodes: Titanfall Lore: How to Catch an Apex Predator Apex […]

Every Ship has a B.O.W.

Lore Boys are here with a double-feature. We’re starting off with Mad Max lore, but given how little Peter turned up, he gave ol’ Jamie and Ethan the runaround and shifted us to the Umbrella Corporations humble beginning as a pharmaceutical-cum-arms dealer. We’ll be covering a trove of Resident Evil’s games and the search for […]

Deep Holes: Russians Are About Them

Turok! He’s the native american hero who fought all those dinosaurs for us in the Civil War… or something. I guess you’ll find out on this episode of the internet’s #1 fake history podcast why exactly Mr. Turok fought all those aliens in a canyon, all thanks to Mrs. Dr. Mother-God. To join the discussion […]